Berusky is a free logic game, published under GNU Public License and it's based on an ancient puzzle named Sokoban. An old idea of moving boxes in a maze has been expanded with new logic items such as explosives, stones, special gates and so on. In addition, up to five bugs can cooperate and be controlled by the player.

In order to leave each level (there's about 120 levels in the game) it is necessary to own five keys and also to have a free way to the exit. Berusky was primarily aimed to MS-DOS 5.x but the new version was reworked and runs on Linux and Windows now. It uses SDL library for graphics backend.

Scale to fit:

App ID:



Phone Playability:

0 of 5 Points

Big Screen Playability:

X of 5 Points, is playable on external monitor with mouse and keyboard, but not optimized for phones whatsoever.

How to install:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install berusky