Celluloid is a GNOME wrapper for the Mpv video player, which gives it some more usable touch controls and inhibits the screen from locking.

Scale to fit:

App ID:

Has to be filled


Phone Compatibility:

2 of 5 Points, video playback almost works with some tweaks, but is not yet really watchable.

How to install:



apt install celluloid

Tips and Tricks:

GDK defaults to OpenGL, but the libmpv is using OpenGL ES. This can be overcome by launching celluloid with the environment variable GDK_GL=gles.

There is a GTK bug where GLES reverses the red and blue colour channels, which affects the version of GTK in Mobian. This can be compensated using an mpv option.

Modify the /usr/share/applications/io.github.celluloid_player.Celluloid.desktop launcher Exec line like this to workaround these two problems:

Exec=env GDK_GL=gles celluloid --mpv-options='--vf=colorchannelmixer=rr=0:rb=1:br=1:bb=0' --new-window

You may need to turn off the DBus option for this launcher so that these changes to the launcher take effect.