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Cog WebKit WPE

Cog is a single window browser without tabs and UI elements based on WPE WebKit.

The WebKit WPE variant is meant for embedded devices and thus faster than the GTK variant used in GNOME Web (Epiphany). Depending on the web site it can also be preferable over Firefox. Playing YouTube videos has worked very well in a test.

However, since it has no browser UI elements on its own, a second application is needed to control it. Therefore, a basic control GUI app with the name CogWebRun was created with the PinePhone screen dimensions in mind. It includes a simple bookmark manager.

Phone Compatibility:

4 of 5 Points. The control elements have to exist in a second window or as shortcut launchers (e.g., pinned as Phosh favorites).

How to install

sudo apt install cog can install just the browser and you can open a website with cog URL or, if already running, with cogctl open URL. History navigation is done with cogctl previous and cogctl next.

The control GUI app CogWebRun can be downloaded as arm64 binary package. Install it with apt on the command line in the directory where you downloaded the deb file:

sudo apt install $(ls ./cogwebrun_*_arm64.deb | sort | tail -n 1)

For a quicker back navigation with less clicks, pin the CogWebRunBack launcher in Phosh to your favorites.