A pod catcher

Scale to fit

App ID: gpodder

Phone Compatibility

  • 2 from 5
  • with scale to fit on: 3 from 5
  • Adaptive UI experimental version of gpodder: 4 from 5
  • Screenshots above show the NOT YET OFFICIALLY PACKAGED adaptive branch of gpodder

Adaptive UI branch

The Adaptive Branch of the gpodder source repository offers an early version of a mobile-friendly version of gpodder. Screenshots above show the adaptive release.|Adaptive Releases]] are tagged as adaptive/x.xx.xx+1.

An unofficial DEB package of the gpodder adaptive version can be found here:


Unofficial Adaptive DEB package

Open a terminal on your device and run the commands:


sudo apt install ./gpodder_3.10.21+1-1_all.deb

apt (mobian repositories)

apt-get install gpodder