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Kodi Media Center is an ultra-flexible plugin and custom UI 'skin' based multimedia playback framework for use in desktop, mobile, and large screen formats. After installing the correct streaming plugins Kodi can play many online streaming services including from many of your own major commercial paid services accounts as well as playback of local multimedia files.

Scale to fit:

App ID:

Has to be filled


Requires landscape orientation.

Phone Compatibility:

3-4 of 5 Points, requires auto-scaling and now has a customized included touch compatible 'back' key command allowing full touch interface. App installs and playback works, plugins install and work though bringing using the on-screen back key sometimes changes the UI scaling when it attempts to show the phosh qwerty keyboard, still needs some scaling tweaks but everything works and turning to portrait allosw full use of back key. Depletes battery quickly due to heavy CPU use in Pinephone.

How to install:


apt install kodi


Install Kodi from Mobian repo. After installation click on the 'gear'(add png) symbol in the upper left of the UI, choose options for preferred 'skin' and UI setup(skins can be edited like HTML). If you intend to add plugins for streaming media then in 'gear“–>System–>Addons click the 'Unknown sources' toggle. Follow the install instructions for your chosen update sources, downloaded and online live zip files, repositories, and streaming plug-ins. There are ascending levels of options for users who choose the basic-standard-advanced-and expert settings in the 'gear' or settings interface. The Estouchy skin should be installed, it now includes a 'back' button which makes Kodi functional without an external keyboard or the problems with the Phosh keyboard popping up/down and changing the screen size which Kodi tries to adapt to; the location requires rotating to portrait otherwise the Phosh keyboard pops up. There is a problem with some video-stream plugins crashing this latest version of Estouchy which worked previously. With the Estouchy(not Estuary the default UI skin) skin installed add-ons are accessed through the settings 'gear' clicking on add-ons and then 'My add-ons” rather than the 'add-ons' in the main UI. The default UI skin 'Estuary' is currently more stable but lacks the very important back button. Kodi has a rich catalog of codec decoders much like VLC and it will be rare to find media without a default installed decoder, other than current power consumption on devices like Pinephone, Kodi is also useful for playing local video.