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Wake Mobile

Wake Mobile is a proof-of-concept alarm app that uses systemd timers to wake up the system. A setuid helper binary is used to write systemd timer drop-in unit files for the user because only system timers can wake the system up from suspend.

In the future GNOME Clocks will be able to set the systemd user timer units that wake up the system but that needs the required Linux capabilities be passed to the systemd user instance first and restore support for WakeSystem=true for the user timers.

Phone Compatibility:

5 of 5 Points. While the UI is not super polished it's built for the PinePhone.

How to install


sudo apt update
sudo apt install wake-mobile


Download the arm64 binary package, then install it with `apt` on the command line in the directory where you downloaded the deb file:

sudo apt install $(ls ./wake-mobile_*_arm64.deb | sort | tail -n 1)